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språk 2013/05 Personal injury Volstad 16.08.2012 The Barents Sea Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2013/04 Misc. accidents Sea Respons 15.03.2012 Sørfjorden near Osterøya, Hordaland, Norway
språk 2013/03 eng Personal injury Clipper Sund 06.09.2011 Antwerp, Belgium Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2013/02 eng Misc. accidents Nordlys 15.09.2011 Ålesund, Norway Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2013/01 eng Misc. accidents Tiderose 16.09.2012 Vestnes, Moldefjord, Norway Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2012/09 eng Grounding Godafoss 17.02.2011 Hvaler Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2012/08 eng Foundering Langeland 31.07.2009 Kosterfjord, Sweden Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2012/07 eng Personal injury Solstraum 04.02.2011 On route from Wilhelmshaven til Rotterdam
språk 2012/06 Weather damage MS Sollifjell 24.03.2010 Hustadvika
språk 2011/03 Personal injury Bow Cecil 08.03.2010 In the seas outside Brasil
språk 2011/02 Capsize Monica IV 08.09.2009 Approach to Skudeneshavn
språk 2010/11 eng Personal injury Star Ismene 16.12.2008 Nantong, China
språk 2010/10 eng Collision Sundstraum / Kapitan Lus 03.07.2009 Drogden renne, Copenhagen, Denmark
språk 2010/09 eng Personal injury Nysand 24.10.2008 Forusstranda
språk 2010/08 Lost ship Lill-Anne 11.03.2009 Vestfjorden, Norway
språk 2010/04 eng Grounding Crete Cement 19.11.2008 Aspond Island in the Oslo Fjord, Norway
språk 2010/03 Grounding Richard With 06.01.2009 Trondheim, Norway
språk 2010/02 Personal injury Nesebuen 06.01.2009 Eigersundsbanken
språk 2010/01 eng Grounding Federal Kivalina 06.10.2008 Årsundøya, Norway
språk 2009/05 Capsize Marina 02.03.2009 North west of Anda fyr
språk 2009/04 Personal injury Nordstar 07.10.2008 Northwest of Måløy
språk 2009/01 eng Personal injury Star Java 18.08.2008 Squamish, Canada