Report on marine accident - FFS Achilles grounding and foundering off Farsund on 3 March 2017

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While returning to Farsund from an assistance operation in the Fedafjord on 3 March 2017, the tugboat FFS Achilles ran aground at Nordre Lamholmflua in the approach to Farsund.

The three crew members were rescued, but the vessel sank shortly thereafter. The investigation into the accident has not found any faults in the propellers’ control system. There should have been a dedicated lookout on duty to monitor the voyage.

The vessel ran aground at a speed of 8.4 knots, and sank shortly thereafter due to damage to the bottom under the engine room. FFS Atlas arrived at the scene before the vessel sank and rescued its crew, who were in the life raft. Two out of the three crew members had suffered minor injuries and received medical attention.

The mechanical control system for the propeller units (Voith Schneider) on board FFS Achilles was controlled by autopilot. The navigator, who was alone on watch, has stated that he initiated a change of course to port on the autopilot to pass the green navigation marker at Nordre Lamholmflua on his starboard side. The autopilot did not respond, and he made several unsuccessful attempts to initiate a change of course. He decided to deactivate the autopilot in order to switch to manual control, but the vessel ran aground before he could do so.

The investigation into the accident has not found any faults or defects in the propellers’ mechanical control system, and the autopilot did not store data.

With its single bottom and long engine room, FFS Achilles was vulnerable in the event of a grounding. The ingress of water through the damaged bottom exceeded the bilge pumps’ capacity, and the intact water-tight compartments to the fore and aft of the engine room were too small to keep the vessel afloat. The investigation concludes that the current design requirements would not necessarily have made a new vessel of the same type as FFS Achilles, built for sailing under the Norwegian flag, any safer when the bottom was damaged. However, as a result of requirements stipulated by some flag states, the industry has developed a new design for a similar tugboat that would probably have survived the damage that sank FSS Achilles.

Based on this investigation, the AIBN submits one safety recommendation to the shipping company concerning procedures for bridge manning and sailing in narrow channels after dark.


Sikkerhetstilråding SJØ nr. 2019/04T

Undersøkelsen av forliset 3. mars 2017 med FFS Achilles har avdekket at rederiet ikke hadde skriftlige prosedyrer for brobemanning eller seilas i trangt farvann etter mørkets frembrudd. SHT mener forskriftsmessig utkikk ville bidratt til økt bevissthet vedrørende fartøyets eksakte posisjon og derved større sannsynlighet for å unngå ulykken.

Statens havarikommisjon for transport tilrår Farsund Fortøyningsselskap AS å implementere skriftlige prosedyrer for brobemanning og seilas i trange farvann etter mørkets frembrudd, herunder vaktholdforskriftens bestemmelser vedrørende bruk av utkikk, i sikkerhetsstyringssystemet for sine fartøyer.

Norsk territorialfarvann
Fartøyets navn
FFS Achilles
Type hendelse
Grunnstøting, Forsvunnet/savnet fartøy
Type fartøy
7/8 - Spesialskip
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