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Report on marine accident - fire on board the fishing vessel Astrid Sofie 28 November 2018

On 28 November 2018 a fire occurred on board the fishing vessel Astrid Sofie. On the vessel's fire alarm central it was indicated fire in the workshop. The crew of six persons was immediately alarmed and tried to put out the fire. The fire developed rapidly, hence the crew had to evacuate to vessels nearby that came to assist. The vessel sank late in the evening the same day. The investigation has shown that it cannot be concluded if the fire originated in the vessel’s technical switchboard room or in the adjacent workshop, separated by a lining. The development of the fire indicate that the fire started in one of the rooms and spread to both rooms and further into the vessel. The shipowner did not have routines for securing of flammable material and the crew did not have protective equipment for fire fighting.

The investigation has shown that the approval of the vessel’s structural fire protection for the workshop and the technical switchboard room was not according to current regulations. This was mainly based on the fact that the drawings of the structural fire protection sent to the Norwegian Maritime Authority by the shipowner was insufficient.

The Norwegian accident investigation board has not identified that lack of training was decisive in this event, however this is something the shipowner is responsible of carrying out according to the regulations, and may be crucial in accident scenarios.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway issues a safety recommendation as a result of the investigation.

Safety recommendation

Safety recommendation MARINE no 2019/03T

The investigation of the fire on board the fishing vessel Astrid Sofie 28 November 2018, has shown that the ship owner did not have any routine for fastening of flammable material. The shipowner did not have any plans for emergency training, exercises and drills, nor were there carried out fire drills on board. Even though lack of training was not decisive in this event, this may be crucial in other emergency situations.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway recommends that BK Fisk review its safety management system, including developing plans for emergency situations and exercises and drills on board, establish routines for fastening of flammable material and evaluate the need for necessary fire protective equipment on board.


Location 7 nm north west of Haugesund
Occurrence date 28.11.2018
Accident category Foundering
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
IMO number 9782405
Name of vessel Astrid Sofie
Accident type Fire/Explosion
Vessel type Fishing Vessel
Register The Norwegian Ship Register

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