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2019/02 eng

Mapping of recreational craft accidents

The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has carried out a mapping of recreational craft accidents in Norway. The reports provide a more comprehensive and nuanced presentation of the circumstances surrounding recreational craft accidents than has previously been undertaken in Norway. Half of those who died in 2018 drowned after the boat capsized or after falling overboard. In most cases, it took a long time, more than 45 minutes, for others to realize that they were in need. Hypothermia was probably a contributory cause to their drowning.

An immediate distress alert with indication of position, combined with the use of a properly fitted lifejacket and clothing that delays the onset of hypothermia, can help to keep a person alive in the water.

Given medical treatment, victims of hypothermia can sometimes be resuscitated, but only if their airways have been kept clear during the cooling.

These types of accidents were also associated with the highest number of fatalities during the preceding decade.

The AIBN believes that the results will give the authorities and other organisations a better knowledge platform for assessing measures to improve safety at sea. They also forms a basis for considering what types of accidents should be investigated by the AIBN in the future.


Single reports for download


Location Norwegian territorial waters along the mainland, in addition to lakes, rivers etc. The territorial waters around Svalbard were also included.
Occurrence date 01.01.2018
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Recreational craft
Accident type Fire/Explosion, Fatal Accident, Fall over board, Lost/missing vessel, Grounding, Capsize, Collision