Report on marine accident - collision between Clipper Quito LAPW7 and Lurongyu 71108 in the Yellow Sea 12 October 2015

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In order to avoid collision, the tanker Clipper Quito altered its course to starboard when they perceived that the fishingboat Lurongyu 71108 changed its course to starboard. However, this was not enough to avoid that the two vessels collided. One of the fishermen is assumed to have died.

The AIBN considers that the following factors in the sequence of events had the greatest impact on the collision:
• The fishing vessel had a duty to give way, but had not observed the tanker.
• The tanker did not take sufficient account of the required safe passing distance when it allowed the fishing vessels to get too close.
• The tanker made an evasive manoeuvre to starboard when they perceived that the fishing vessel had changed course to starboard, heading straight towards them.
• The master on board Clipper Quito was not notified when the critical situation arose.

The investigation into this marine accident has not identified areas in which the Accident Investigation Board Norway deems it necessary to submit new safety recommendations, but the shipping company is urged to follow up safe navigation and teamwork on the bridge, as well as situations of crisis and notification procedures.

Yellow Sea
Annet lands territorialfarvann
Fartøyets navn
Clipper Quito / Lurongyu 71108
Type hendelse
Dødsulykke, Forsvunnet/savnet fartøy, Kollisjon (mellom to fartøyer eller liknende)
Type fartøy
1 - Tankskip/ 6 - Fiske-/ fangstfartøy
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