Report on marine accident - collision between Star Kvarven LAJK7 and Lulanyu 61809, 27 November 2014

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The crew on board Star Kvarven observed a fishing vessel on a crossing course, ahead on starboard side. Both Star Kvarven and Lulanyu 61809 made manoeuvres to starboard in order to obtain a safe passage. Both vessels gradually changed their course to port, back to the original course.

The situation quickly escalated, and Star Kvarven made an emergency manoeuvre to starboard to avoid collision, but it was not enough to prevent the two vessels from colliding.

The crew on board Star Kvarven could not feel or detect anything from the collision. They notified the company and the Chinese SAR (search and rescue) authorities, and participated in the SAR operation that followed.

Chinese SAR authorities searched for 3 days for survivors, but without result. It was expected that Lulanyu 61809 sank after the collision with Star Kvarven and that the 8 fishermen perished.

Because no one on Lulanyu 61809 survived the accident, the AIBN has no firm indications of the fishing vessel crew’s assessments and decisions. The AIBN is unable to explain the manoeuvre to port that resulted in an almost complete reversal of the vessel’s original course. The AIS plot is the only indication of the fishing vessel’s movements during the sequence of events, in which restricts the investigation.

The investigation of this marine accident has not identified any areas in which the AIBN deems it necessary to propose safety recommendations. However, the AIBN would like to point out that this was a very serious marine accident, and that Norwegian shipping companies should focus strongly on preventing such collisions by focusing on safe navigation, collaboration on the bridge and handling of crisis-situations.


South-China Sea (Yellow Sea)
Annet lands territorialfarvann
Fartøyets navn
Star Kvarven / Lulanyu 61809
Type hendelse
Dødsulykke, Forsvunnet/savnet fartøy, Kollisjon (mellom to fartøyer eller liknende)
Type fartøy
3 - Bulkskip/ 6 - Fiske-/ fangstfartøy
NIS/ Annet flagg
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