Report on marine accident - MV Favorita LAGM6/9298519 shipboard occupational accident in the East China Sea on 24 August 2013

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On 24 August, MV Favorita was en route to Tsukumi in Japan to load cement clinker after unloading salt in China. While the cargo hold was being cleaned to prepare for the new cargo, a motorman fell down from a ladder and hit his head on the tank top. His helmet was not secured with a chin strap and the helmet fell off before he landed at the tank top. The motorman was declared dead on arrival at the hospital in Taipei.

The investigation shows that the motorman removed the safety line just before he fell and that he fell from a relatively low height while descending the ladder to move it to the next area to be cleaned. Based on theories on planned behaviour the AIBN believes that the motorman disconnected the safety line because he might have felt he was in control of the situation and that there was little risk of an accident so close to the bottom of the ladder. Removal of the safety line also allowed for a more unhampered descent.

The shipping company's safety management system and procedures appear to have been well implemented, and the AIBN felt that the way the system was managed from the shipping company's office concurred with how it was implemented in practice on board. However, in the AIBN's opinion, safety on board during cleaning of the cargo holds would be improved if the use of ladders for work at height were avoided.

The AIBN do not propose any safety recommendations in this report.


Photo: Ugland Marine Services AS

International Waters, East China Sea, pos. N 26° 45' Ø 123° 03'
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Dødsulykke, Fall om bord, Person-/arbeidsulykke
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