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Investigation of a traffic accident on E6, north of the bridge over Andelva, in Eidsvoll, Viken county

The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority has initiated an investigation of a traffic accident in which a passenger car collided with the centre guard rail. The railing penetrated into and through the passenger car. The accident occurred on the E6 north of the bridge over Andelva on 16 July 2021 and the passenger in the front seat was severely injured after being hit by the railing.

A passenger car with two persons on board drove in the southbound direction on E6 in Viken county, a four-lane road with two driving lanes in each direction. The speed limit on this road is 110 km/h.

North of the bridge over Andelva in Eidsvoll the passenger car crossed the left lane and collided with the centre guard rail that was installed between the driving directions.

The railing penetrated the car through the inner fender on the right front wheel. Furthermore it passed through the footwell on the passenger side in front, over the center console and partly through the driver's seat, before it deformed the C-pillar and left rear door and came out on the left side of the car. The car stopped at an angle in the central reservation, a bit into the northbound lane.

The passenger in the right front seat was severely injured in the accident.

The investigation will focus on why the centre guard rail gave way, and the guard railing’s construction, condition and design will be seen against the established requirements.

Latest update: 10.09.21


Location E6, north of brigde over Andelva, Eidsvoll, Viken
Occurrence date 16.07.2021
Accident type Other accident
Road class European road
County Viken
Police Disctrict Øst
Vehicle type Passenger car
Type of Transportation Private transport
Road region Viken
Accident category Annen ulykke

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