Investigation of a head-on collision between two heavy goods vehicles on the E6 road near Hamarøy in Nordland county


Both drivers were killed when a truck and trailer and a semi-trailer truck collided head-on on the E6 road at Storslagmannsvika near Hamarøy in Nordland County on 8 January 2020. Preliminary investigations indicate that the truck and trailer lost control in a curve and crossed over to the opposite lane where it hit the semi-trailer truck in the front. There were demanding driving conditions when the accident occurred. Both drivers, who were alone in their own vehicles, died momentarily. The collision also caused substantial material damage to both vehicles.

Two more semi-trailer trucks were involved in the accident as they failed to stop for the two recently collided vehicles that were now obstructing the roadway. None of the two drivers in these trucks were injured.

The investigation will try to clarify the speed of the vehicles. In addition, the focus will be on documenting the prevailing road conditions, the condition of the vehicles and any other factors that may help explain the accident.

The investigation will also look at the framework conditions that formed the basis for the transport assignments, and to what extent this may have affected the drivers' choices and driving behavior.

Hamarøy foto politiet

Photo: The Police

Latest update: 24.02.2020

E6 road near Hamarøy in Nordland county
Occurrence date
Accident type
Head-on collision
Road class
European road
Police Disctrict
Vehicle type
Truck and trailer, Truck and trailer
Type of Transportation
Freight transport
Road region
National road NPRA
Accident category
Ulykke m/ kjøretøy over 7500 kg
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