Investigation of a head-on collision between two heavy goods vehicles on European Road 6 at Hammer in Snåsa, Trøndelag county


Two heavy goods vehicles collided on Sunday 2 February 2020 on European Road 6 at Hammer in Snåsa in Trøndelag county, and both drivers died as a result of the collision. Preliminary investigations indicate that the southbound vehicle came into the opposite driving lane and collided with the northbound vehicle. There was significant material damage to both vehicles. Information obtained indicates that there were demanding driving conditions at the accident site.

The northbound vehicle caught fire after the collision. The passenger in the burning truck managed to evacuate the vehicle, and suffered only minor physical injuries as a result of the accident.

The investigation will focus on the prevailing road and driving conditions, as well as the speed and technical condition of the vehicles. In addition, the investigation will look at the framework conditions on which the relevant transport assignments were based. Any other factors that may have contributed to the accident will also be investigated.


Photo: NPRA

Latest update: 02.03.2020

E6, at Hammer in Snåsa, Trøndelag
Occurrence date
Accident type
Head-on collision
Road class
European road
Police Disctrict
Vehicle type
Truck and trailer
Type of Transportation
Freight transport
Road region
Accident category
Ulykke m/ kjøretøy over 7500 kg
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