Investigation of a driving off the road accident in Omland i Vest-Agder county on Fv 465


The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has decided to conduct a safety investigation of a driving off the road accident in Omland in Vest-Agder county on 14 July 2019. A fire truck drove off the road during an emergency response.

In the fire truck there were 4 firefighters beside the driver. One of the firefighters died in the accident, and the driver and the three other firefighters was slightly injured.

The accident occured when the fire truck got outside the road with the right side wheels.

The fire truck followed the ditch a little stretch and collided with a rock/mountaineer. The collision with the rock/moutaineer caused great damage to the fire truck. One of the firefighters was thrown out of the cab and died of the injuries he suffered.

The investigation has shown that only the driver of the firetruck used seatbelt. The investigation will focus on documenting the accident causalities.

Both operational and organizational conditions will be included in the investigation seen in the light of this beeing an emergency response. Futhermore, conditions that affected the exent of the damage will be investigated.


Latest update: 15.10.2019

Fv 465, Omland i Vest-Agder
Occurrence date
Accident type
Run-off-the-road accident
Road class
County road
Police Disctrict
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Road region
Southern Region
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Ulykke m/ kjøretøy over 7500 kg
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