Report on rollover accident at Tempelseterveien in Sigdal municipality 29 June 2018

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On Friday 29 June 2018 the driver of a concrete mixer truck drove on Tempelseter road to deliver concrete in Tempelseter cabin area. The concrete mixer truck was on its way down a steep hill when it overturned at the end of a left curve. The driver did not use seatbelt and died in the accident.

The AIBN’s investigation has shown that the concrete mixer truck got stability problems at the entrance of the left curve, and that the following overturn was due to the fact that the speed of the truck was too high relative to the center of gravity height of the vehicle and the road geometry in the curve.

The accident occured when a concrete truck
equipped with a rotating concrete drum, on the way to the last delivery on Tempelseter cabin area in Sigdal municipality, rolled in the roadway. The road is winding and the rollover occured in a left curve downhill. The concrete truck ended up lying partly outside the road's right edge.

The cab was heavily deformed on the right side. The driver was found dead lying partly under the cab.

The investigation has shown that the rollover happened because of too high speed relative to the center of gravity height of the vehicle and the road geometry on-site.

The driver had had a heavy workload over a long period of time before the accident occurred. The AIBN has revealed defective conditions regarding the safety management in the company in which the driver was employed.

It has also been revealed that training of drivers of concrete mixer trucks does not contain anything about the spesific risk transports with high center of gravity represents.

Tempelseterveien (private), Sigdal municipality, Buskerud county
Occurrence date
Accident type
Tipped over in the roadway
Road class
Private road or area
Police Disctrict
Vehicle type
Type of Transportation
Freight transport
Road region
Southern Region
Accident category
Ulykke m/ kjøretøy over 7500 kg
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