Report on multiple vehicle collision on E39, Åsane, Bergen municipality 22 February 2016

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At 0635 am on 22 February 2016 the police received a message regarding a traffic accident on European route E39 on the northern side of the Eidsvåg tunnel, in direction of Åsane in Bergen municipality. When the police arrived at the site they were met by approximately 60 vehicles that had been involved in a multiple vehicle collision.

The incident was caused by a change in weather conditions and a subsequent fall in road surface temperature to under the freezing point of the liquid on the road surface which was difficult to observe for the road-users.

The change in weather conditions was forecasted, and could be predicted from available weather prognoses the evening before the accident. The entrepreneur monitored the situation throughout the night and implemented preventive measures in the form of application of wetted salt. This was last done 3,5 hours before the accident. This preventive measure did, however, not give the expected effect when the weather conditions changed. The investigation has shown that there was too little salt left on the road surface when the weather changed, and it is the opinion of the AIBN that this was the result of the maintenance frequency being too low.

The investigation has also shown that the road-users did not have the prerequisites to identify the danger that the changing driving conditions represented. It is the opinion of AIBN that the triggering factor to the multiple vehicle collision must be ascribed to the road conditions.

One of the driving lanes at the accident site had porous asphalt pavement with properties that entail that the surface temperature can drop faster than other more dense asphalt types. Based on the weather conditions, the winter pavement and the event, the investigation has not uncovered any connection between theese factors.

AIBN assesses however that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration should take these factors into consideration particularly for roads that are being serviced after the highest winter service- and maintenance standards.

The AIBN has chosen not to issue any safety recommendations as a result of this investigation, but refers to the analysis and conclusions as well as previously given safety recommendations regarding winter road maintenance.

E39, Åsane, Hordaland county
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