Report on collision between tram and bus in junction between Cort Adelers gate and Munkedamsveien, Oslo

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On Tuesday 11 November 2014, a bus in regular service collided with a tram in the junction between Cort Adelers gate and Munkedamsveien in Oslo. The bus was waiting to be given the green light to proceed at the same time as an emergency vehicle was approaching the bus from behind with its sirens sounding and flashing blue lights. In order to give free passage to the emergency vehicle behind, the bus driver chose to pass the stop line and proceed into the junction towards the tram track.

At that point in time, the driver of the emergency vehicle had chosen to enter the opposite lane to the left of the median barrier where there was no approaching traffic. The bus driver did not realise that this was the case. The tram had the go-ahead signal and drove up to and into the junction, and, at 17:28, it ran into the left side of the bus so that the first carriage of the tram derailed. Serious injuries were sustained by the bus driver and three of the passengers in the bus, while five bus passengers sustained minor injuries. Neither the driver nor any of the passengers on the tram were injured.

The investigation has shown that three drivers may find themselves in the same traffic situation requiring coordinated action. Even if they are subject to the same regulations, their sensory perception and understanding may be different, which in turn means that they will have a different understanding of one and the same situation. What is special about this accident is that an emergency vehicle that needs free passage triggers actions on the part of other drivers that deviate from normal behaviour. In the AIBN's opinion, it is important to stress that the possibility of stopping when faced with unforeseen obstacles is materially different for a tram than for other vehicles. This difference gives rise to challenges on a daily basis that it is important for other road users to be aware of.

The investigation touches on two transport sectors that may both benefit from the learning points that have emerged. The investigation has therefore been conducted jointly by the Road and Rail departments of the AIBN.

This report is in Norwegian only. English summary is included. No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.

Cort Adelers gate / Rv 162 Munkedamsveien in Oslo
Occurrence date
Accident type
Intersection accident
Road class
National road
Police Disctrict
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Other, Bus or coach
Type of Transportation
Passenger transport
Road region
Eastern Region
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Ulykke med buss
Skriv ut
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