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Report 2014/04

Just before 20.00 on 15 December 2013, an articulated bus was driving down the public transport lane into the Trondheimsveien/Rosenhoffgata intersection. Here it collided with a van that turned left directly in front of the bus after driving in the parallel lane to the right of the bus. The bus' right side and front sustained damage, and it came to a stop approximately 20 metres into the intersection, blocking the public transport lanes in both directions. The van sustained some damage on its right side. The driver of the bus had to perform several tasks before she was ready, after about 8 minutes, to move the bus out of the intersection. The driver had to have some help from passing pedestrians to close the front door, because the closing mechanism was damaged. At the same time, the intersection that was still controlled by traffic lights, and therefore considerable incoming traffic. Almost immediately after the driver started to drive the bus out of the intersection, it collided again, this time with a passenger car that came in from the right side. After this collision, the bus continued to the left into the terrain along the side, where the bus came to a stop. While it was moving, the bus hit a pedestrian, who died from his injuries. Extensive technical examinations and tests have been performed to detect any malfunctions. While a defect that occured during the incident was found on the brake system, the investigation has not provided any definite answer on what impact this had on the course of events. AIBN's mandate is to help prevent similar accidents by learning from this incident. The investigation has therefore focused mainly on the assistance the driver received from the bus company in the situation that arose. The driver had to deal with all the challenges at the intersection, and the investigation has shown that the governing documentation in Nobina Norge AS' contingency plans differed from the bus company's practice in traffic accidents. AIBN has provided a safety recommendation to the company to improve its procedures.

Safety recommendation

Safety recommendation ROAD no. 2014/04T

The collision between a bus and a van at the intersection of Trondheimsveien and Rosenhoffgata on the evening of 15 December 2013 ended as a serious accident in that the bus hit a pedestrian, who died. The bus driver lost control of the vehicle as it left the crossing. Despite thorough investigations of the technical condition of the bus, AIBN considers there is some uncertainty as to the impact this has had on the course of events. The AIBN believes that various actions in response to undesirable incidents based on risk assessments might reduce the possibility of subsequent accidents and injuries.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway recommends that Nobina Norge AS refine its procedures for handling undesirable incidents in traffic so bus drivers are ensured sufficient support and traffic can run safely.


Location Trondheimsveien north of Carl Berners plass in Oslo
Occurrence date 15.12.2013
Accident type Intersection accident
Road class Local road
County Oslo
Police Disctrict Oslo
Vehicle type Bus or coach, Pedestrian, Passenger car, Van
Type of Transportation Passenger transport
Road region Eastern Region
Accident category Ulykke med buss

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