Investigation of fire in heavy goods vehicle in the Gudvangen tunnel, in Aurland municipality on the European road 16


In the night of Saturday 30 March 2019, a heavy goods vehicle caught fire during a manually directed convoy in the 11.4 km long Gudvanga tunnel. The fire occurred about 1.5 km from the tunnel opening on the Flåm side, and 32 people had to evacuate the tunnel. 4 people were treated for light smoke-injuries.

The AIBN is engaged in technical investigations of the burnt out heavy goods vehicle, and collects all relevant information about the fire from the parties involved. The fire is the third major vehicle fire in the Gudvanga tunnel in the last six years (2013, 2015 and 2019).

The heavy goods vehicle consisted of a relatively new truck (2018), and a slightly older cooling trailer (2015) with a separate diesel-powered cooling unit. The AIBN wants to focus on investigating how the fire occurred and evolved.

The investigation will also address the tunnel's safety equipment, evacuation and rescue work, and this accident is seen in the light of previously investigated tunnel fires.

Photo: AIBN

Latest update: 10.04.2019

Gudvangen tunnel, European Road 16, Sogn og Fjordane county
Occurrence date
Accident type
Fire in vehicle
Road class
European road
Sogn og Fjordane
Police Disctrict
Sogn og Fjordane
Vehicle type
Truck and trailer
Type of Transportation
Freight transport
Road region
Western Region
Accident category
Ulykke i tunnel
Skriv ut
Reports same county
Reports same vehicle type