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Investigation of a head-on collision on European route E39 at Austefjorden Volda, Møre og Romsdal county

20 October 2019, a van collided head-on with a station wagon on the E39 road at Austefjord south of Volda. The accident occurred in a curve, speed limit 80 km/h, just south of the Damfoss tunnel. The people in the front seat of both vehicles had moderate injuries after the incident. In the backseat of the station wagon, two people died, and one was severely injured.

The northbound van lost its grip on an icy road. In a gentle right curve, the van came into the opposite lane and collided head-on with a southbound station wagon. There were two people in the van and five people in the station wagon. The people in the front seat of both vehicles had moderate injuries after the accident. Two of the people in the back seat of the station wagon died, and the third was severely injured. The airbags in the front of both vehicles deployed in the collision.

The sequence of events and the factors that contributed to the accident will be subject to this investigation. The extent of injuries on the passengers in relation to the energy of the collision, the construction, and safety equipment of the vehicles will be examined. An important focus of this investigation will be to understand the difference in injuries on the persons in the station wagon.

The AIBN has previously published "Thematic report concerning safety in cars" (published 2012), and report on a head-on collision accident between passenger car and combined car at E6 Storfjord, Troms 24 September 2017 (released 2019) which focuses on the use of safety equipment in cars. This investigation will be seen in the context of these reports, and possibly new accidents with similar issues that are reported to the AIBN.


Photo: The police

Latest update: 15.01.2020


Location E39, Volda, Møre og Romsdal county
Occurrence date 20.10.2019
Accident type Head-on collision
Road class European road
County Møre og Romsdal
Police Disctrict Møre og Romsdal
Vehicle type Passenger car, Van
Type of Transportation Passenger transport, Private transport
Road region Western Region
Accident category Annen ulykke

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