Investigation of a lorry/train collision on Bjøråneset level crossing on the Røros line, Stor-Elvdal


On 29 November 2018, the driver got killed in a collision between a lorry and train 2384 at Bjøråneset level crossing. Three passengers on the train got minor injuries.

The lorry crossed the unprotected level crossing to collect cargo on the western side of the Røros line. The southbound train 2384 was en route from Røros to Hamar when the accident took place.

The train hit the lorry near the drive shaft, and the lorry rotated as a result of the impact. The driver of the lorry died in the accident. Three passengers on board the train also received minor injuries.

The investigation will clarify the sequence of events and identify possible causal factors. Any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the incident will be mapped and analysed.

The investigation is coordinated with the railway departement.



Photo: AIBN

Latest update: 18.12.2018

Bjøråneset level crossing, Stor-Elvdal
Occurrence date
Accident type
Road class
Private road or area
Police Disctrict
Vehicle type
Other, Lorry
Type of Transportation
Freight transport
Road region
Eastern Region
Accident category
Ulykke m/ kjøretøy over 7500 kg
Skriv ut
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