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Report on serious railway incident between Nyland workshop and the Alnabru terminal 5 October 2015

On 5 October 2015 at approximately 17:25, the driver lost control of a locomotive owned by CargoNet AS during shunting in Mantena AS's yard at Nyland in Oslo. In the AIBNs investigation it was found that two cables had been incorrectly connected when repair work was carried out on motor no 3 after a fire. The incorrectly connected cables meant that when the drive control handle was set to the position for electro-dynamic resistance braking, the train built up speed rather than braking.

The locomotive had been taken to the yard for a check after a similar incident had occurred on Friday 2 October, and was being shunted from track 4 to track 1 to make room for other rolling stock.

The driver was operating to normal procedure, but when he applied the locomotive's brakes and the electro-dynamic resistance brakes, the locomotive did not stop, but started to accelerate very quickly instead. At a speed of approximately 79 km/h, the locomotive ran through a derailer intended for preventing rolling stock from passing the stop signal on leaving the Nyland yard. The locomotive continued uncontrolledly towards Alnabru terminal at a speed of approximately 103 km/h before the driver was able to disconnect the battery so that it lost traction.

The AIBN submits one safety recommendation concerning requirements for train-protection installations such as derailers.

Safety recommendation

Safety recommendation JB no 2016/05T

On Monday 5 October 2015, a locomotive ran out of control between Nyland yard and Alnabru terminal in Oslo during shunting. The driver tried to brake using the electrical resistance brakes, but rather than slowing down, the locomotive continued to accelerate to a speed of 103 km/h. After approximately 200 metres, the locomotive ran through a derailer without derailing and continued to the Alnabru terminal against a stop signal.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway recommends that the Norwegian Railway Authority ask the Norwegian Railway administration to conduct a review of the regulations for train-protection installations, including to assess the design and function of derailers to ensure that they provide an adequate barrier capable of bringing the rolling stock to a halt.


Location Nyland workshop - Alnabru shunting yard
Occurrence date 05.10.2015
Train No EL16-2203
Type of Transportation Shunting
Type of occurrence Runaway train
Rolling Stock Locomotive

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