Investigation of a railway accident on the Randsfjordbanen line


On Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 21:20, the driver of a passenger car was killed when the car was hit by a passenger train on Vikersund level crossing.

The level crossing is secured with a barriers and is located inside Vikersund station. The train was on its way to Drammen and was cleared through Vikersund station. Just before the crossing, the driver of the train became aware of the passenger car standing between the barriers. He applied emergency brakes and gave a signal, but the accident could not be avoided.

There were three persons in the passenger car. Two of them had left the car, but the driver remained in the car and died in the accident.

The investigation will clarify the sequence of events and identify possible causal factors. Any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the accident will be mapped and analysed.


Photo: NPRA

Mot plo

Photo: AIBN

PLO Vikersund st. 02

Photo: AIBN

PLO Vikersund st.

Photo: AIBN

Latest update: 31.01.2020

Vikersund level crossing
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