Investigation of collision between two trains at Berekvam station, Flåmsbana


On Wednesday, 31 July 2019 two trains collided at Berekvam station, Flåmsbana. The collision resulted in several personal injuries, material damage and delays.

When the train to Flåm was about to pass the train towards Myrdal at Berekvam station, the point was in the wrong position, which resulted in a collision between the two trains. More than 10 people sustained minor injuries after falling in the carriages during the crash. There were about 800 passengers on board the two trains.

The investigation will clarify the sequence of events and identify possible causal factors. Any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the accident will be mapped and analysed.

Photo: The police

Photo: The police

Web 01 mot spor 2
The point as it was when the collision happend. Photo: AIBN

Web 02 mot spor 1
The point as it should have been. Photo: AIBN

Latest update: 09.08.2019

Berekvam station
Occurrence date
Train No
1859 and 1860
Type of Transportation
Passenger train
Type of occurrence
Rolling Stock
Locomotive, Passenger Carriage
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