Investigation of a railway accident on the Nordlandsbanen line


On Thursday 25 July 2019 several wagons in a freight train derailed at Bjørnstad between Majavatn and Namsskogan. The derailment led to major material damage and delays.

The southbound train 5790 was en route from Fauske to Oslo when the accident occured. There were dangerous goods in the derailed wagons and this caused the nearby area to be evacuated for a period of time.

No one was injured in this incident.

The investigation will clarify the sequence of events and identify possible causal factors. Any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the accident will be mapped and analysed.

Photo: AIBN

Latest update: 29.07.2019

Bjørnstad, Nordlandsbanen line
Occurrence date
Train No
Type of Transportation
Freight train
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Rolling Stock
Freight wagon
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