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Report on a collision between train 64 and a car on a level crossing at Vikersund station the 28 January 2020

On Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 2122 the driver of the car died in a collsion with train 64 on level crossing 1 at Vikersund station, Randsfjordbanen. The car was “trapped” between the barriers. The level crossing has two tracks, and the driver tried to move the car away from the track where the train came. There were also two passengers in the car, but they were able to get out of the car before the collision.

The level crossing is secured with full barriers. The driver of the car drove on to the level crossing at the time when the barriers started to lower. In the stressful and dangerous situation that arose, the driver did not follow the instructions on the barriers which tell the driver to to drive through it. Full barrier systems have a fundamental weakness where the system indicates that road traffic is blocked and the level crossing is free to pass for the train, if both barriers are lowered completely. Train 64 therefore had the permission to pass through Vikersund station. The system is not able to detect any obstacles between the barriers.

Based on the accident, the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority  submits a safety recommendation to Bane NOR SF, in which they are asked to further develop systems for detecting obstacles at level crossings.

Photo: NPRA

Published: 26.01.2021

Safety recommendation

Safety Recommendation Rail 2021/01T

On Tuesday 28 January 2020, the driver of the car died when a passenger train collided with the car at a level crossing at Vikersund station. The level crossing was secured with full barriers. The car's position between the barriers meant that the signal "The level crossing can be passed" was shown to the train. Bane NOR SF does not have systems that warn the train driver of obstacles at level crossings with road safety systems.

The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority recommends that the Norwegian Railway Authority ask Bane NOR SF to further develop systems for detecting obstacles at level crossings.


Location Vikersund level crossing
Occurrence date 28.01.2020
Train No 64
Type of Transportation Passenger train
Type of occurrence Level-crossing accident
Rolling Stock Locomotive
Operator Vy AS