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Investigation of short circuit and subseqent fire in catenary and signaling system at Sandefjord Station

On Tuesday 27 July 2021, the bypass line in the catenary system at Sandefjord station short-circuted. This resulted in a break in the live high-voltage bypass cable, which fell to the ground and caused an overflow to the low-voltage systems.

The contact between the live high-voltage line and the low-voltage systems lasted for several minutes before the current was switched off.

This led to fires in a number of places between Lauve and Sandefjord and the damages in the infrastructure were severe. 

The signaling system for Sandefjord station and equipment for nearby level crossings was completely damaged.

The investigation will clarify the sequense of events and identify possible causal factors. Any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the derailment will be mapped and analysed.

Photo: Hans Morten Tamnes

Photo: Hans Morten Tamnes

Photo: Hans Morten Tamnes

Photo: BaneNor

Latest update: 12.08.2021


Location Sandefjord Station
Occurrence date 27.07.2021
Type of occurrence Fire and smoke development, Infrastructure events
Operator Bane NOR SF

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