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Investigation of railway accident at Rosenholm station

On Wednesday 14 April 2021 at ca. 1635 a damage to the catenary occurred when train 2745 en route to Ski approached Rosenholm station on the Østfold line.

The train from Vygruppen AS consisted of two EMUs class 69. Several windows in the rear set were broken, and two passengers suffered minor injuries from broken glass. The pantograph in the rear set tore down parts of the catenary. In connection with the accident, a small grass fire occurred. The NSIA's investigation aims to uncover conditions that were decisive for the accident to occur.

Photo: NSIA

Latest update: 23.04.2021


Location Rosenholm station
Occurrence date 14.04.2021
Train No 2745
Type of Transportation Passenger train
Type of occurrence Other
Rolling Stock Multippel Unit (MU)
Operator Vy AS

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