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Investigation of collision between Grindvoll and Jevnaker

On Tuesday 9 February 2021 a rail running tractor collided with a Robel Track Vehicle between Grindvoll and Jevnaker at Roa-Hønefossbanen.

After finishing work with ice removal, a rail running tractor was to leave the line at Øvre Vang level crossing. 

The Robel Track Vehicle stopped beyond the level crossing and waited for the tractor. 

When the tractor driver applied brakes to stop at the level crossing, he experienced that, rather than stopping, the tractor increased speed. This resulted in a collision between the two vehicles.

Two persones suffered minor injuries. The Robel Track Vehicle was severely damaged and derailed with one axel. The tractor escavator equipment was also damaged.

The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority will search to find a probable cause for the tractor not being able to stop where intended. Further will possible safety issues related to this type of machine be investigated. 

Photo: Bane NOR SF

Photo: NSIA

Photo: NSIA

Latest update: 25.02.2021


Location Roa-Hønefossbanen, between Grindvoll and Jevnaker stations
Occurrence date 09.02.2021
Type of Transportation Working engine
Type of occurrence Collision
Rolling Stock Arbeidsmaskin
Operator Bane NOR SF

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