Investigation of marine accident near Tromøya in Arendal, Norway


The fisherman went out to look after his crayfish pots and was reported missing when he did not return home as agreed on Monday 2 April 2018. Approximately at the same time a smack was observed grounded near Tromøya. No one was found on board the smack which later showed to be the boat of the missing fisherman. The fisherman was found deceased on the sea bed later the same week. He was found close to the last pots set out.

The fisherman should hawl his pots before re-baiting and setting the pots again. The preliminary investigation indicates that the fisherman was pulled over board after getting entangled in the ropes connected to the pots. The fisherman was in good health, and so far there is no indication of any indisposition. The smack was found with the engine running on slow ahead, equal to normal setting speed. During setting, considerable forces are present in the ropes due to the combination of speed ahead, water depth, current, weight of sinker and number of pots. These factors will make it difficult to get loose if caught in the ropes.

It was partly cloudy, the sea and air temperature was approximately 2-3 °C, and there was a gentle breeze at the presumed time of the accident.


Status for the investigation

This accident will be a part of a thematic investigation concerning fishermen which have perished in connection with setting of pots from single-manned fishing vessels.

Latest update: 25.10.2018

Near Tromøya, Arendal, Norway
Occurrence date
Accident category
Personal injury
Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel
Sidsel Louise
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Fall over board, Occupational accident
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Register
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