Investigation of marine accident east of Fugløya in Troms county, Norway


The fisherman was found after 2.5 hours of search, alive, but in a critical condition. He was picked up by a rescue helicopter and flown to a hospital in Tromsø. The fisherman was declared dead on 22 February. The fishing vessel is missing.

A fellow fisherman from another fishing boat sent a message of concern to the Rescue Coordination Center when he could not get in contact with the fishing boat Andreas after several attempts, and no longer could see the AIS signals from the boat. The fisherman was wearing a thermosuit and he fled with his face up when found.

Status of the investigation

Work still remains to be done to complete calculations of the vessel's stability. This is due to the fact that the work of modeling and recreating the vessel as it was with all weights on board at the time of the accident has taken more time than first assumed.

Latest update: 18.02.2019

East of Fugløya in Troms county, Norway
Occurrence date
Accident category
Lost ship
Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Lost/missing vessel
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
Skriv ut
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