Report on marine accident - man over board from the fishing vessel Bremholmen outside Innhavet 13 March 2018

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At 17:54 on the 13 March 2018 the fishing vessel Bremholmen was observed running in circle on the fjord outside Innhavet at Hamarøy. The rescue service was contacted and the fisherman was picked up from the sea at 18:26. He was fishing alone. The vessels position and speed (2-3,5 kn.), together with the rudder not being in mid position, points in the direction that the fisherman was caught in the rope for the fishing net. It can not be excluded that the fisherman had an ill being and fell over board because of this. Post mortem examination concluded with drowning.

Innhavet, Nordland
Occurrence date
Accident category
Personal injury
Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Fall over board
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
Skriv ut
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