Report on occupational accident from domestic ferry Ytterøy LKZS in Levanger, Norway, 30 April 2017

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Passenger ferry Ytterøy was moored alongside in Levanger on 30 April awaiting crew change. An AB washed down the ship's side when he stumbled on the guardrails on the pier and fell backwards. He fell down head first and hit some rocks approximately three meters below the pier. The AB died the following day from the injuries sustained. A railing has been fitted on the pier after the accident.

The AB was familiar with the pier, and there were no obstructions and relatively spacious in the area of the pier where the accident happened. The pier was secured with a guardrail, but no other means to prevent fall from the pier. The AIBN means that it is not obvious that a railing should have been fitted. Such measures have to be evaluated to ensure no other risks or inconveniences are introduced to other users. There will always be a risk of falling from a pier regardless of wheter a railing is fitted or not, dependent on different actors use of the facilities. In order to increase the safety for crew working at the pier, a railing has been fitted on the pier after the accident.

The AIBN has evaluated relevant parts of the company's safety management system as well as the design, regulations, responsibility and supervision of the pier. However, no new areas of relevance to improve marine safety has been identified, and no safety recommendations are issued in connection with this accident.

Levanger, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Occurrence date
Accident category
Personal injury
Norwegian Territorial Waters
IMO number
Name of vessel
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Occupational accident
Vessel type
Passenger Ship - Ferry
The Norwegian Ship Register
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