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Report on marine accident with Alexander LF5298 man over bord at Krokeidet 23. December 2016

The fisherman was picked up from the sea by a rescueteam after grounding at Sætervika, Bergen commune. He was later declared deceased. The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board have not been able to establish a definite explanation how the fisherman fell overboard.

The 23. december at 0955 the fishingvessel Alexander left its homeport at Leps√ły in Os commune. The fisherman was alone on board and there were none witness to the accident. AIBN have not been able to determine a definite explanation on the course of events.

The AIBN have information that potting gear number 3 was torn after the 14th fishpot. On of the fishpot was stuck in the onboard gear. According to the coroners report the fiherman had head injuries in the face and back of the head, sircular makings round one ankle as from a rope and superficial damage on both hands. The AIBN regards the markings round the foot can be explained by the fisherman have been draged out or after the boat.

The fisherman did not use safetyharnes when the accident occured. The vessel was not equipped with electronic emergency stop or automatic emergency warning to rescue services if man over board situation.

No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.


Location Krokeide, Hordaland County
Occurrence date 23.12.2016
Accident category Personal injury
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Alexander
Accident type Fatal Accident, Fall over board, Grounding
Vessel type Fishing Vessel

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