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Report on marine accident - cargo ship Fisktrans foundering outside Brennvika in Steigen on 25 January 2017

OOn 25 January 2017 the crew on board the cargo ship Fisktrans got problems with keeping the course right on track because the rudder had locked up. The weather was bad with rain and strong winds. The vessel drifted towards shallower waters. The crew of six jumped into the sea and was rescued by a helicopter. The vessel grounded and shipwrecked 3 hours later in position N 67 41,4 E 014 41,9.

At about 0500 am the "no rudder response" alarm sounded. The crew perceived from the rudder indicator that the rudder had locked up on 15ยบ starboard and they implemented several measures to correct this. It has not been possible for the Accident Investigation Board (AIBN) to determine why the rudder ceased to work.

AIBN considers that the skipper, together with the crew and in dialogue with the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC), implemented the necessary measures after they perceived that the rudder had locked. The skipper started the side-thrusters forward and aft in order to try to keep the bow up against the weather, but the wind and the sea was too strong. Due to the bad weather conditions, the problem with the rudder lead the vessel to drift towards land and slowly it approached into a critical situation.

At about 0700 am a helicopter rescued the crew of six. None of the crew was hurt in connection with the accident and the rescue operation.

After the crew was rescued, the vessel drifted uncontrollably by wind and sea, passing through an area of shallow waters with rocks, landslides and slopes.

At 1117 am Fisktrans shipwrecked outside Brennvika. It is uncertain whether the massive damages in the hull occurred because of the collision with the seabed when the vessel shipwrecked or when it passed through the area of shallow waters with rocks, landslides and slopes.

The AIBN does not promote any safety recommendations in connection with this investigation.


Location Outside Brennvika in Steigen, Nordland county
Occurrence date 25.01.2017
Accident category Foundering
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
IMO number 5248255
Name of vessel Fisktrans
Accident type Technical failure, steering gir, navigation equipment etc.
Vessel type Misc. Ship
Register The Norwegian Ship Register

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