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Report on marine casualty with fishing vessel Svællingen - fall over board near Lødingen 7 October 2016

The fishing vessel was found unmanned and with the engine running on the shore. The fisherman, who was alone on board, most likely fell overboard and drowned.

It was alerted about a stranded boat with the engine running near Rin√łya. A search was initiated for the missing fisherman who, later that day, was found and declared dead.

The fisherman was alone on board and there was no witness to the accident. No findings were made that could explain how or why the fisherman fell overboard.

The information is not sufficient to conclude that this accident could have resulted in another outcome if the fisherman had been wearing the life jacket or used the safety line he had on board.

However, AIBN is of the opinion that the use of safety and rescue equipment in general increases the likelihood of surviving a fall-overboard accident and will again remind of the high risk of single-handed fishing.

No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.


Location Rinøya, Lødingen
Occurrence date 07.10.2016
Accident category Personal injury
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Svællingen
Accident type Fall over board, Fatal Accident
Vessel type Fishing Vessel

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