Report on marine accident - man over board from fishing vessel Arctic Pioneer LDQA in the Barents Sea 26 November 2015

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The accident at Arctic Pioneer is one of several work accidents that have occurred in the seagoing fishing fleet in connection with the use of fishing equipment. The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) sets few requirements for design and operation of this equipment in order to ensure workplace safety onboard.

The investigation has shown that theoretical and practical emergency response training for the crew members had not been sufficient. The company had not established preventive HSE procedures before the first trip.

A 24 year old fisherman was on 26 November 2015 dragged overboard by the pot fishing equipment on the Sentralbanken ocean bank, 160 nm. east of Hopen near Svalbard.  He was quickly rescued back on board, and CPR was started immediately, but his life was not to be saved.

The AIBN thinks that the fisherman would have had a better chance of surviving if he had worn a life jacket and/or buoyancy clothing that provided protection against hypothermia and could have prevented drowning.

This report is in Norwegian only.

No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.

Occurrence date
Accident category
Personal injury
Norwegian Economic Zone
IMO number
Name of vessel
Arctic Pioneer
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Fall over board
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
Skriv ut
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