Report on marine accident - man overboard on the fishing vessel Jan Bjørn, LM4902, Skjæran, Ofotfjorden 25 February 2016

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The morning of 25 February 2016 the fisherman fell overboard from the fishing vessel Jan Bjørn in Ofotfjorden. The fisherman was alone on the fishing vessel.

The fisherman was found deceased floating in the water at Tjeldodden, 5 km from the fishing vessel, without floatation aid or life jacket.

The post mortem report showed a weakened heart and sign of a new heart attack.

AIBN would like to emphasize the risk of conducting singel handed fishing with impaired health.


No safety reccomendation is issued in connection with this investigation.

Skjaeran in Ofotfjord
Occurrence date
Accident category
Personal injury
Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel
Jan Bjørn
Accident type
Fall over board
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Register
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