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On Friday 2 November 2012, some minutes past 10:00, a fisherman left the quay of Bolga in his small fishing vessel Ramona to tend his fishnets south - east of Bolga. He had expressed that he would be back at 13:00 the same day. About 12:15 the crew on board a vessel from a fish farm observed Ramona in the actual area. They did not see the fisherman, but everything seemed all right. Some minutes before 14:30 they aigain observed Ramona. As they now suspected that something was wrong, they boarded Ramona. The engine was running, but the fisherman was not on board. They immediately notified the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), and a Search and Rescue Operation (SAR) was commenced. After several days of search, both on shore and in the sea, the fisherman was considered lost.

As the fisherman was fishing alone, there were no witnesses to the accident. The few observations made during the course of events are consequently not sufficient draw clear conclusions. However, based on the few facts that have appeared during the investigation, the AIBN expects that the fisherman unwillingly fell overboard as he was setting out fishing net. It is assumed that he died due to drowning, as a direct consequence of falling overboard, or that the stay in cold water (about +8°C) lead to drowning due to the hypothermic effects.

With reference to previous investigations of similar fall overboard accidents from fishing vessels, the AIBN concludes that no new factors have appeared during the investigation of this accident.  Consequently, no safety recommendations are issued.

This investigation has had a limited scale, and the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has consequently issued a simplified report. The report is in Norwegian only.


Location South of Bolga, Meløy
Occurrence date 02.11.2012
Accident category Misc. accidents
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Ramona
Accident type Fatal Accident, Fall over board, Occupational accident
Vessel type Fishing Vessel
Register The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Register



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