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Report on marine accident involving a recreational craft, Lokkarskjæret, Namsos 1 August 2019

Thursday 1 August 2019, a recreational craft ran aground in Lokkaren, Trøndelag, and both on board died as a result of the accident. After course changes through the strait called Lokkaren, the recreational craft hit Lokkarskjæret with a speed around 36 knots. Possible inattention on board probably led to the last change of course before the collision not being a conscious choice. Active navigation with chartplotter would have showed that the boat was heading straight to shore if it had been utilized. This is despite the fact that the investigation revealed that the map material used in the chartplotter did not show the correct location of the iron marker with a green flash outside Lokkarskjæret.

The weather conditions were favorable, and with the water's fixed navigation installations it would be possible for a boat driver to keep a safe course through Lokkaren and observe the Lokkarskjæret in time, even in nautical twilight.

The speed was high in relation to area and time of the day. This limited the ability to perceive obstacles and correct timely for them. The effects of alcohol may have influenced attention levels and decisions. In addition, the AIBN cannot exclude that factors such as fatigue, reduced night vision or distractions have contributed.

AIBN does not issue any new safety recommendations in this investigation, but refers to previously released safety recommendations regarding alcohol and high speed boating, in Marine Report 2014/08, as well as the results of the survey of recreational boating accidents in Marine Report 2019/02.


Location Lokkarskjæret, Namsos
Occurrence date 01.08.2019
Accident category Grounding
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Fritidsbåt
Accident type Grounding, Fatal Accident
Vessel type Misc. Ship

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