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Investigation of a marine casualty in international waters south of Sicily

On Sunday 24 February 2019, a crew member died in a casualty on board the vehicle carrier Höegh London. The vessel was on her way from the United States via Tangier to Gemlik (Turkey) for discharging. The weather and sea conditions were adverse and some of the heavy cargo shifted and penetrated the hull. While inspecting the extension of the damage, a crew member was hit by heavy cargo and stuck between the cargo and the bulkhead. A rescue operation was initiated, and the injured crew member was transferred to the Italian Coast Guard and brought to the hospital, but his life could not be saved.

Status of the investigation

Representatives from AIBN have been on bord for investigation of the vessel and interview with the crew. Other relevant information have been obtained.

Analysis of this information is in progress in order to establish sequence of events and identify any organisational or systemic factors.

Latest update: 20.02.2020


Location Mediterranean Sea, international waters south of Sicily
Occurrence date 24.02.2019
Accident category Personal injury
Area International Waters
IMO number 9342205
Name of vessel Höegh London
Accident type Fatal Accident, Shifting cargo, Weather damage, Occupational accident
Vessel type Bulk Cargo Ship
Register The Norwegian International Ship Register


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