Investigation of marine accident, collision outside the Sture Oil Terminal in Hjeltefjorden, Norway


On the morning of Thursday 8 November 2018, the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) was informed of a collision between the frigate 'KNM Helge Ingstad' and the Maltese registered tanker 'Sola TS' in Hjeltefjorden, outside the Sture Oil Terminal in Øygarden municipality in Hordaland county. The AIBN contacted the Defence Accident Investigation Board Norway (DAIBN) and it was decided to initiate a joint investigation into the accident, led by the AIBN. Malta and Spain are substantially interested states, and their accident investigation branches also participate in the investigation, cf. the Norwegian Maritime Code Chapter 18 Section 474.

29 November 2018 the AIBN published a preliminary report on the accident and two interim safety recommendations. This preliminary report was published to communicate the information obtained during the initial phase of the ongoing investigation. The purpose was to provide a brief update on the progress of the investigation as well as a preliminary description of the sequence of events and to communicate safety issues identified at this stage of the investigation. This preliminary report also identifies areas that need further investigation and describes lines of investigation that will be followed up.

Øygarden  20181108.
Tankskipet Sola TS som den norske fregatten "KNM Helge Ingstad" kolliderte med natt til torsdag nær Stureterminalen i Øygarden.
Foto: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix


Photo: The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Latest update: 21.02.2019

Information published in the early stages of the investigation

16.11.2018: Status for the investigation of the collision involving the frigate HNOMS Helge Ingstad and oil tanker Sola TS 

08.11.2018: The AIBN investigates the collision between frigate KNM Helge Ingstad and tanker Sola TS 8 November 2018


Preliminary report and interim safety recommendations

Outside Sture Oil Terminal in Hjeltefjorden, Norway
Occurrence date
Accident category
Norwegian Territorial Waters
IMO number
- / 9724350
Name of vessel
KNM Helge Ingstad / Sola TS
Accident type
Pollution/environmental damage, Capsize, Collision
Vessel type
Misc. Ship/ Tanker
The Norwegian Ship Register/ Other Flag State
Skriv ut
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