Investigation of marine accident in Gloppefjorden, Sogn og Fjordane


The AIBNis investigating the foundering of the fishing vessel Iris that happened 20 October 2018. Four persons on board had finished fishing and the vessel was sailing into the Gloppefjorden. Water intrusion caused the vessel to sink rapidly. Three people managed to swim ashore. The fourth person was found dead in the sea at 0150 the following day.

The vessel was registered in the Norwegian Ship Register (NOR) under the name ARV 2 and the name Iris in the register for fishing vessels.

Early in the investigation it was decided not to lift the vessel. The AIBN has carried out technical examinations and measurements of an identical boat. Calculations have also been obtained from a technical consultant. The calculations formed the basis for the vessel to be included in the register for fishing vessels. Information from police and people involved has also been obtained.

Status of the investigation

Some work remains to be done before a final report can be published.

Latest update: 18.10.2019

Gloppefjorden, Sogn og Fjordane
Occurrence date
Accident category
Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel
ARV 2 (Iris)
Accident type
Fatal Accident, Loss of stability
Vessel type
Fishing Vessel
The Norwegian Ship Register
Skriv ut
Reports same area
Reports same accident category