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Report on marine accident, fishing vessel Jøsenbuen, foundering in Boknafjorden 13 October 2018

On 13 October 2018, the fishing vessel Jøsenbuen foundered at Arsvågen. One of the two fishermen aboard was found lifeless in the water the same day, and was declared dead later in the evening. The other fisherman was found dead two days later after extensive searches in the area. The fishing boat was found at 5 meters dept and was salvaged the day after the foundering.

The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (NSIA) cannot determine the course of events and the contributing factors of this casualty. The technical investigations gave no indication that the hull had weaknesses that could have contributed to the accident. Based on the damage to the underwater hull, the NSIA considers that the contact with the bottom with penetration of the underwater hull is the most likely triggering factor of the accident.

In the NSIA's opinion, the accident shows that even experienced fishermen should be very careful when operating in this type of waters in bad weather.

Published 24.09.2020


Location Arsvågen in Rogaland, Norway
Occurrence date 13.10.2018
Accident category Misc. accidents
Area Norwegian Territorial Waters
Name of vessel Jøsenbuen
Accident type Fatal Accident
Vessel type Fishing Vessel
Register The Norwegian Fishing Vessel Register

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