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Investigation of air accident in Follebu, Gausdal municipality, Oppland county, Norway

The accident happened on Thursday, 1 August 2019 in connection with line inspection including photo documentation of the powerlines. There were two people on board, the commander and the photo system operator. During the flight, the commander noticed vibrations in the helicopter. The vibrations increased in strength. In addition, they heard an unusual sound from the helicopter. The commander decided to perfom an emergency landing on a grassy field. During the final phase of the approach, at about 3 m above the ground, they heard a bang and the commander lost control of the helicopter. This resulted in a hard landing. The right skid collapsed, the horizontal stabilizer, and all five main rotor blades were in contact with the ground and were significantly damaged. No injuries occurred to the occupants. The AIBN will conduct a technical examination of the helicopter as part of the investigation.

Latest update: 08.08.2019


Location Follebu, Gausdal municipality, Norway
Occurrence date 01.08.2019
Aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-369
Operator First European Aviation Company Sp. (FEAC), Poland
Registration SE-JVJ
Meteorological conditions VMC
County Oppland
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Commercial, other
Category of operation Light, helicopter (<= 2 250kg)
Aircraft category Helicopter, Single-engine, Turboprop/turboshaft

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