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Report Aircraft type Registration Occurrence date Location Lang. Safety recommendation
2000/83 Eurocopter AS 332L2, Westland EH101 LN-OHD/IL-IOI 11.05.2000 Near Kristiansand Airport Kvernberget (ENKB) English
2000/61 Cessna C182Q D-EPEE 11.08.1999 Reinøya, Finnmark English
2000/47 Fokker 50 G-UKTA 06.09.1999 Stavanger Airport Sola (ENZV) English
2000/41 Ilyushin IL-76TD RA 76750 04.02.2000 Trondheim Airport Værnes (ENVA) English
2000/28 eng Eurocopter AS 332L Super Puma LN-OND 20.10.1998 North Sea A47 English
2000/08 eng DC 9-81, TU-134A SE-DMZ 12.04.1999 Between Stavanger FIR and Oslo FIR English
1999/BUL32 eng Socata-Groupe Aerospatiale TB9 D-EVEN 10.09.1998 Sola CTR English
1999/BUL17 eng Iluyshin II-76TD RA 76478 04.04.1998 Approach to runway 18 at Harstad/Narvik airport Evenes English
1999/07 Tupolev TU-154M RA 85621 29.08.1996 Svalbard Airport Longyear English
1999/06 eng Cessna U206G LN-DBZ 11.07.1998 Geiranger English
1998/BUL46 eng Piper PA-28 Arrow D-EYYY 23.06.1998 Svolvær Airport Helle (ENSH) English
1998/BUL27 eng DHC-8-311, Panavia Tornado LN-WAF/ZA404 12.11.1997 Stavanger Airport Sola (ENZV) English
1998/02 eng Eurocopter AS 332L1 Super Puma LN-OBP 18.01.1996 The North Sea English
1997/BUL36 eng Piper PA 34/220 T OO-VWK 25.09.1997 Hamar Airport Stafsberg (ENHA) English
1997/BUL16 eng DHC-8-311 OE-LRW 03.02.1997 5 NM north and northeast of Stavanger airport Sola English
1997/BUL12 eng Boeing 737, DC 9-51 D-ABFM/OH-LYV 07.09.1996 Fornebu sector in Oslo TMA English
1997/BUL03 eng McDonnel Douglas MD 83 TC-IND 19.08.1996 Kristiansand Airport Kjevik (ENCN) English
1996/BUL41 eng MDC MD-83, Boeing 737 TC-INB/LN-BRJ 22.07.1996 Stavanger Airport Sola (ENZV) English
1996/BUL27 eng MD-11, SU-27K OH-LGA/russian military 17.03.1996 Bodø Oceanic English
1996/BUL15 eng Glider PIK 20D OH-530 17.04.1996 South of Starmoen, Elverum English
1996/BUL02 Tupolev TU-154 B LZ-BTK 20.05.1995 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM) English
1996/BUL01 eng Maule MX7-180 OH-MAJ 12.05.1995 Kristiansand Airport Kjevik (ENCN) English
1996/07 eng DHC-6 Twin Otter LN-BNM 27.10.1993 Namsos, Norway English
1996/06 eng Beech Super King Air B200 LN-MOE 20.04.1995 Tromsø Airport English
1996/05 eng Fokker F-27 MK 50 LN-BBA 05.01.1995 Ålesund Airport Vigra (ENAL) English
1996/01 eng Bell 206 B-3 LN-OSL 01.08.1994 Ås, Akershus English
1995/BUL41 eng Beech 200, Boeing 757 G-BIKZ, LN-AAH 29.06.1995 Oslo Airport Fornebu (ENFB) English
1995/BUL30 eng ASH-25 OH-854 09.04.1995 English
1994/BUL56 Grob Astir CS77 LN-GHW 16.06.1994 Sti bridge between Koppang and Rena Norsk
1994/BUL50 eng Tupolev TU-154 UR 85379 27.04.1994 Oslo airport Gardermoen (ENGM) English
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