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språk 2018/04 Airbus Helicopters EC 225 LP LN-OJF 29.04.2016 Turøy, Hordaland, Norway Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2013/17 eng Airbus Industrie A320-214 VP-BWH 19.12.2008 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM)
språk 2018/03 eng Alexander Schleicher GmbH & CO Segelflugzeugbau ASW 24 LN-GNA 24.09.2015 Hatten, Lesja municipality, Oppland county, Norway
språk 2013/28 Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co Segelflugzeugbau ASH 26 E LN-GCR 17.06.2013 Namsos Airfield (ENNM)
språk 2016/02 eng Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co Segelflugzeugbau ASK 21 MI LN-GMI 26.05.2015 Near Klanten airfield, Norway (ENKL) Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2017/13 Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co Segelflugzeugbau ASK 21 MI LN-GMI 27.05.2017 Elverum airport Starmoen, Norway (ENSM)
språk 2018/01 Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co Segelflugzeugbau ASW 19 B LN-GCC 11.08.2017 Gol, Hallingdal, Buskerud County, Norway
språk 2017/04 Allstar PZL Glider SZD-55-1 LN-GAZ 15.07.2016 Namnå in Grue municipality, Hedmark county, Norway
språk 2016/12 American Champion Aircraft Corp 8KCAB LN-LCU 02.10.2015 Reinsvoll airport, Oppland county, Norway
språk 2005/17 Antonov 24/Fokker 50 LN-RND 19.07.2002 40 NM east of Tromsø
språk 2009/12 eng Antonov AN-28 YL-KAB 16.07.2004 Østre Æra (ENAE)
språk 2015/05 eng Apex Aircraft CAP 10C LN-KAP 18.05.2014 Northeast of Bjørkelangen, Akershus, Norway
språk 2018/12 Aquila AT01-100 LN-NRB 01.08.2017 Nordre Dyttholknatten, Sør-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
språk 2018/13 Aviat Aircraft inc., Pitts S-2B LN-PTS 22.08.2017 Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2004/43 Avro RJ85, Boeing 737-505 LN-BRH 06.06.2004 Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR)
språk 2003/53 eng BEA 146 AVRO RJ1H, Hawker 800 XP HB-IXM/OY-RAC 18.10.2001 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM)
språk 1995/BUL41 eng Beech 200, Boeing 757 G-BIKZ, LN-AAH 29.06.1995 Oslo Airport Fornebu (ENFB)
språk 2001/34 eng Beech B55 N-7148R 10.12.1999 Lista Airport (ENLI)
språk 1970/01 Beech D-95-A Travel Air LN-NPO 01.05.1969 Holmen in Drammen, Buskerud county, Norway
språk 1996/06 eng Beech Super King Air B200 LN-MOE 20.04.1995 Tromsø Airport
språk 2007/05 Beech Super King Air B200 LN-MOJ 11.02.2005 Fagernes Airport Leirin (ENFG)
språk 1989/03 Beechcraft King Air C90 LN-KCR 02.04.1987
språk 1996/01 eng Bell 206 B-3 LN-OSL 01.08.1994 Ås, Akershus
språk 2006/13 Bell 212 LN-OLK 18.12.2003 Adventfjorden, Svalbard
språk 2009/16 Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. 206B LN-OAR 24.09.2008 Hønefoss Airport Eggemoen (ENEG)
språk 2005/23 eng Boeing 727-200, Boeing 737-700 G-BPGM/OY-KKR 31.03.2003 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM)
språk 1997/BUL12 eng Boeing 737, DC 9-51 D-ABFM/OH-LYV 07.09.1996 Fornebu sector in Oslo TMA
språk 2004/06 eng Boeing 737-500 LN-BRX 12.12.2002 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM)
språk 2015/01 eng Boeing 737-800 LN-DYM 26.12.2012 Kittilâ airport Finland (EFKT) Sikkerhetstiltak
språk 2006/20 eng Boeing 737-800 ENGM 23.10.2005 Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM)