Report on serious aircraft incident 2-3 NM north of Rygge, Norway on 2 July 2005 with Diamond DA40-D, LN-NEX

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Following take-off from Rygge Air Force Base the engine suddenly stopped with a bang. At the time the aircraft was approximately 2-3 NM north of the runway and the commander headed for the runway 12 threshold. As it turned out, the aircraft did not hav sufficient altitude, but the commander managed to make a successful landing on a taxiway which traversed the runway. There was no personal injury or additional damage to the aircraft.

It emerged from the engine investigation that a connecting rod had splitt in the small end bearing. The loose end of the connecting rod then made a hole in the crankcase before pushing its way up the cylinder wall and out through the water jacket. It was further established that on 19 April the same year the engine had been run with insufficient oil level and low engine oil pressure for a short period of time. According to the engine manufacturer, this had caused overheating of the pistons and the gudgeon pin. It is likely that the overheating later caused the engine faliure.

The DA40-D aircraft type, which recieved its type certificate from JAA, belongs to a new generation of aircraft with anticipated low operating costs. However, experience by the operator Oslo Flyveklubb has shown that their individuals of this aircraft type have had unacceptably low operational reliability. Repeated technical errors and frequent replacements of components have represented considerable challenges for the operator.

The Accident Investigation Board has issued a safety recommendation related to this investigation.

Moss airport Rygge (ENRY)
Occurrence date
ICAO Location indicator
Other light aeroplane
Oslo Flyklubb
Type of occurrence
Serious incident
Type of operation
Private (club)
Category of operation
Light, aeroplane (< 5 700kg)
Aircraft category
Landplane, Piston engine, Single-engine
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