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Report on aviation accident at Dyttholknatten, Sør-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway 1 August 2017 involving Aquila AT01-100, LN-NRB

On 1 August 2017, LN-NRB hit the mountain side on the western side of Nordre Dyttholknatten in Sør-Aurdal municipality. The pilot died and there was a fire. The aircraft was totally destroyed.

The accident occurred in very steep terrain, and parts of the aircraft were spread over a large area, partly in terrain only accessible for climbers. The aircraft was severely damaged and caught fire. Based on the condition of the aircraft and other available information, it has not been possible to determine how the accident could happen.


Location Nordre Dyttholknatten, Sør-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
Occurrence date 01.08.2017
Aircraft Øvrige motorfly
Operator Nedre Romerike Flyklubb
Registration LN-NRB
Meteorological conditions VMC
County Oppland
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Private
Category of operation Light, aeroplane (< 5 700kg)
Aircraft category Landplane, Single-engine, Piston engine

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