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Report on aircraft accident at lake Øyeren, Enebakk Norway, 17 april 2017 with Hamilton SH-1 Glastar, SE-XUG

The commander lost control of the aircraft during landing on the lake. The aircraft flipped over and came to rest upside down in the water.

The commander, who was alone, evacuated the aircraft by swimming through the side door. After surfacing he climbed onto one of the floats, witout his PLB and without Air Crew Vest. The signals from the aircraft ELT where not received by any receiver station.

The accident was observed from land, a bystander made an emergency call and the commander was rescued by helicopter.

This report is in Norwegian only. No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.


Location Lake Øyeren, Enebakk, Akershus, Norway
Occurrence date 17.04.2017
Aircraft Øvrige motorfly
Operator Private
Registration SE-XUG
Meteorological conditions VMC
County Akershus
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Private
Category of operation Light, aeroplane (< 5 700kg)
Aircraft category Single-engine, Seaplane (incl. amphibian)

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