Report on aviation accident in Lavangen municipality, Troms county, Norway 20 July 2016 involving Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3, LN-OSN

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20 July 2016 aerial work was performed along a new power line near Fossbakken in Lavangen municipality in Troms county. During a landing to load off personnel, an external load was attached to the helicopter by longline without the commander being aware of it. At lift off, the long line tightened, and the commander experienced a jerk in the helicopter that made him decide to make an emergency landing in terrain with birch trees. The rotor blades and the landing gear sustained damage. Pilot was uninjured.

It emerged during the investigation that it was given an unclear message from the principal who gave room for the commander and task specialist to have different understanding of the task to be performed. This meant that task specialist, who believed that stringing of pilot lines was the next task, attached longline to the load hook. The commander had the notion that it should be transport of personnel from a mast point along the power line. This caused the helicopter to take off in such a way that there was a strong pull due to the weight that hung in longline when it was tightened. The report focuses on cooperation and communication between the commander and task specialist, and the equipment used for communication.

This report is in Norwegian only.

No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.

Fossbakken, Lavangen, Troms county, Norway
Occurrence date
Airbus Helicopter AS 350 B3 Ecureuil
Meteorological conditions
Type of occurrence
Type of operation
Commercial, other
Category of operation
Light, helicopter (<= 2 250kg)
Aircraft category
Helicopter, Single-engine, Turboprop/turboshaft
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