Investigation of aircraft accident at Reinsvoll airport, Oppland county, 2 October 2015 involving American Champion Aircraft Corp. 8KCAB, LN-LCU

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Two experienced pilots performed aerobatics training. During a hard landing, initiated by a strong wind gust, the aircraft was twisted a few degrees to the right on longitudinal axis. During touchdown, the right landing gear collapsed.

They continued the departure and climbed. The broken right landing gear was connected to the fuselage via the hydraulic brake line. ATC was informed about the situation. Due to wind conditions and access to fire and rescue services Oslo Airport was chosen for an emergency landing. LN-LCU completed a successful landing by balancing the left main wheels and tail wheel.

After the accident, the AIBN commissioned metallurgical investigations. It was discovered that the right landing gear collapsed under the strain of the hard landing as a consequence of latent weaknesses in terms of steel fatigue cracks. AIBN has reason to believe that these cracks, and thus the latent weakness, was not easily discovered during visual inspection.

This report is in Norwegian only. No safety recommendation is issued in connection with this investigation.

Reinsvoll airport, Oppland county, Norway
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Other light aeroplane
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Light, aeroplane (< 5 700kg)
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Landplane, Single-engine, Piston engine
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