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During final approach, in clouds, to Brønnøysund Airport the airplane collided with the mountain Torghatten. All 36 persons on board lost their lives.

The accident was investigated, and a public report  on the accident investigation was issued in August 1989 (see Rapport 1989/04 (Norwegian only)). This special additional  investigation has been conducted because there was doubt about whether or not disturbances from mobile phones could have been a causal factor.

Based on this special additional investigation, the SHT is of the opinion that the chain of events was not influenced by the mobile phones on board. This report shall be regarded as a supplement to  the original investigation report - which remains unchanged.

This report is also available in English.


Location Torghatten, west south west of Brønnøysund
Occurrence date 06.05.1988
ICAO Location indicator ENBN
Aircraft Øvrige motorfly
Registration LN-WFN
Meteorological conditions IMC
County Nordland
Type of occurrence Accident
Type of operation Scheduled air transport
Category of operation Heavy, aeroplane (> 10 000kg)
Aircraft category Landplane, Multi-engine, Turboprop/turboshaft



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